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Centrum Kids

Chewable Multivitamin Formulated For Kids

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Even if we are conscientious about letting our kids eat healthily, there might still be a gap between the nutrients they need and those they actually consume. Centrum Kids is a complete multivitamin formulated to fill that nutritional gap. It offers the right nutrients at the right levels, so kids get the optimal vitamin intake to develop at their best.

Fill Nutrition Gap icon

Fill Nutrition Gaps
Your child may not be getting the vitamins and minerals needed through diet alone. That's why Centrum Kids is a complete multivitamin with a balanced blend of 18 essential vitamins and minerals to bridge any nutritional gaps and support your child's healthy growth.

Immune Support icon

Immune System
Centrum Kids supports your child's healthy immunity with Vitamin A, C and E. When junior is healthy, everyone in the family is happy as well.

Growth & Development icon

Growth & Development
A complete multivitamin that's balanced with 18 vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth of children.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy icon

Healthy Eyes
Support your child's eyes with Vitamin A which is essential for good eye health.

Healthy Teeth icon

Healthy Teeth
Maintain healthy teeth and gums with Vitamin C.


    Why Centrum Kids

    Centrum Kids is ideal for fussy eaters who might miss out on important vitamins and minerals in their diet. Centrum Kids is a complete multivitamin that gives your child the right nutrients at the right levels to bridge any nutritional gaps in their diet.

    Each Centrum Kids Tablet Contains

    Vitamin A


    Vitamin B1


    Vitamin B2




    Vitamin B6

    1500 IU

    10 mg

    1 mg

    1.5 mg

    1.2 mg

    50 mcg

    15 mg

    5 mg

    2 mg


    Vitamin B12


    Pantothenic Acid

    Folic Acid

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin D3

    Vitamin E


    7.7 mg

    1.2 mcg

    1 mg

    4.5 mg

    100 mcg

    50 mg

    100 IU

    10 IU




    Directions for use

    Children 3 years and older – Chew one Centrum Kids tablet daily after food, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Not to be swallowed whole.


    Recommended Dietary Intakes (RDIs) and Centrum Kids

    Centrum Kids does not contain excessive levels of vitamins and minerals but is developed with levels close to the RDIs as the role of a multivitamin is to supplement the diet, not replace it. Centrum Kids is ideal for filling nutritional gaps in children's diet.