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The Truth Behind Calories




Singaporeans are a discerning lot, especially when it comes to food. We’ve all heard someone use the phrase “a waste of calories” to describe a dish or meal that doesn’t engage our tastebuds. But there’s another way that food can be a waste of calories.


Foods that are rich in carbohydrates and fats take up space in our tummies and satiate our hunger pangs faster, killing our appetite for foods that are high in vitamins and minerals.


This also poses another health risk – nutrition gaps created from inadequate intake of essential nutrients needed in small quantities, like vitamins and minerals such as selenium and zinc.


So, paradoxically, whilst your tummy is getting filled, you may be depriving your body of nutrients essential for good health. Now, that’s a real waste of calories!


Multivitamins: a fuss-free way to get the nutrition you need


To help you get nutrition in adequate quantities from your diet, the Health Promotion Board now has a new diet guide called ‘My Healthy Plate’ that increases the recommended intake of Fruits and Vegetables to half of your daily diet.


However, most people will find it challenging to eat more fruits and vegetables, due to hectic schedules, lack of availability or because they don’t like how they taste.


Hence, many nutritionists recommend multivitamin supplements as an efficient way to fill in potential nutrition gaps. Multivitamins provide vitamins and minerals in a convenient, once-daily pill or tablet.


When shopping for a multivitamin supplement, look for a brand that is globally recognised, scientifically-formulated, which is tailored to your age and gender requirements. This way, everyone and anyone can have their nutrition gaps filled from A to Zinc.

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