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The A-Z of Haze: "F" is for Frame of Reference




"F" is for Frame of Reference.


Many of us have had the uncanny experience of waking up to smog-filled skies, only to find out that the PSI reading isn't as high as we'd thought it would be.


Experts say that people should not draw conclusions on air quality based on just visibility levels, or how bad the haze smells.


The haze could be more visible because there is more water vapour in the air, and the smell may be caused by other compounds generated when vegetation and peat are burned. These are subjective and cannot be used to measure air quality.


To put things in perspective, when PM2.5 levels hit 100 micrograms per cubic m, a person will take in around 1,100 mcg of these pollutants if he/she stays outdoors throughout the day. A smoker inhales between 10,000 to 40,000 mcg of PM2.5 pollutants for every cigarette consumed.


Know your A to Z, get your A to Zinc. Stay healthy amidst the haze – give your immune system the nutrients it needs to keep you in top form.

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