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Get Energized




Create "you" time. Manage your stress by maintaining a realistic schedule, setting priorities and setting aside time for yourself.


Schedule important things like meals and workouts. By maintaining a healthy low-fat, high-fiber diet that’s well balanced, you will fuel your body for the many goals you set for yourself.


Get to know H2O. Remember that staying hydrated is also an important part of a healthy diet and necessary when you exercise. Being hydrated also helps fight fatigue.

Work it out. When you feel fatigue, the last thing you want to do is exercise. Yet, exercise can have both an energizing and calming effect. So you’ll have more energy and feel less stressed.

Catch some zzzz's. Finally, fatigue can be increased by lack of sleep, so find ways to relax before bed. Avoid eating, reading, working or watching TV in bed. Create a regular sleep schedule and stick to it.

Just making a few changes in your lifestyle today can make you feel less fatigued and more productive tomorrow.

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