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Centrum® Effervescent

Complete your Nutrition Gap

Ideal for people on the go, Centrum® Effervescent is a refreshing accompaniment to your meal, giving you the daily essential vitamins and minerals you need. Centrum® Effervescent is a complete multivitamin formulated to fill that nutritional gap. Centrum® Effervescent helps you complete your nutrition gap.

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Support Energy Level icon

For Energy
Keep your energy level up with B group vitamins to support food metabolism and energy release.

Immune Support icon

Centrum® Effervescent is complete from A to Zinc to maintain a healthy immunity and support your brain health.

Healthy Brain icon

Healthy Brain
Packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support brain health.

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Healthy Eyes
Keep your eyes sharp with Lutein, A, and Zinc.

Why Centrum® Effervescent?

As the World’s No.1* multivitamin brand, Centrum® Effervescent is a complete multivitamin that fills in your nutritional gaps and ensures that your body functions at its best every day.

Each Centrum® Effervescent Tablet Contains

500 mcg
162 mg
Vitamin A
2666 IU
125 mg
Vitamin D3
200 IU
40 mcg
Vitamin B1
1.4 mg
0.5 mg
Vitamin B2
1.75 mg
100 mcg
Vitamin B6
2 mg
2 mg
Vitamin B12
2.5 mcg
100 mg
Vitamin C
100 mg
20 mg
Vitamin E
15 mg
50 mcg
Vitamin K1
30 mcg
30 mcg
Folic Acid
200 mcg
5 mg
62.5 mcg
5 mg
Pantothenic Acid
7.5 mg

Who is it for?

Centrum® Effervescent is suitable for men & women aged under 50 years who lead busy, active lifestyles.

Directions for use

Adults — One tablet daily, dissolved in a glass of cold water. Centrum® Effervescent is best taken in the morning and can be consumed daily.

Important information:

This product contains Vitamin K. If you are using blood thinner products such as warfarin, consult your doctor before use.

Recommended Dietary Intakes (RDIs) and Centrum® Effervescent

Centrum® Effervescent does not contain excessive levels of vitamins and minerals but is developed with levels close to the RDIs, as the role of a multivitamin is to supplement the diet and not replace it. Centrum® Effervescent is ideal for filling nutritional gaps in your diet.